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for all of your gardening and outdoor living needs:

220_BlackKow We are a gardeners nursery with everything for both the expert and novice alike. Our plant prices will match if not beat the big warehouses so let us help you brighten up your outdoor living areas as well as your bottom line.

We pride ourselves in carrying the best selection of trees, shrubs, ground-covers, annuals and perennials, mulches, pinestraw and other products. Most importantly, our plant-loving staff can show you how to care for your plants and work hard to meet your every plant need. So stop by and stop by often because as the colors of the seasons change, so does our stock!

Below is a partial list of the plants, flowers, shrubs & trees we carry.

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Ajuga – assorted
Apple tree
Arborvitae, Emerald Green
Arborvitae, Thuja Green Giant
Asparagus Fern
Aspidistra (Cast Iron Plant)
Aucuba – call for availability
Azaleas – assorted
Azaleas (Encores)
Bald Cypress
Bedding Plants
Blueberry – assorted
Boston Fern – seasonal
Bottlebrush Bush – call for availability
Bouganvilla – seasonal
Boxwood, Japanese
Bradford Pear
Butterfly Bush
Cabbage & Kale – seasonal
Caladium – seasonal
Camellia (Sasangna & Japonica)
Canna Lilly – seasonal, call for availability
Carolina Sapphire
Century Plant – call for availability
Cherry (Yoshino & Kwanzen)
Clematis – seasonal, call for availability
Crape Myrtle – assorted
Crape Myrtle Dwarf – call for availability
Croton – seasonal
Cryptomeria (assorted)
Cypress, Italian
Cypress, Leyland
Dogwood (assorted)
Eastern Red Bud
Fig Tree
Hawthorn, Indian
Hawthorn, Majestic
Hay Bales – seasonal
Heather, Mexican – seasonal


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Hibiscus (assorted perennial & seasonal ornamental)
Holly Fern
Holly, Burfordi Dwarf
Holly, Carissa
Holly, Dwarf Yaupon
Holly, Fosteri
Holly, Helleri
Holly, Mary Neil
Holly, Needlepoint
Holly, Nelly R. Stevens
Holly, Savannah
Holly, Soft Touch
Holly, Weeping Yaupon – call for availability
House Plants (assorted)
Jasmine, Asiatic
Jasmine, Carolina
Jasmine, Confederate
Juniper, Andorra
Juniper, Blue Rug
Juniper, Blue Pacific
Juniper, Hollywood
Juniper, Hollywood (variegated) – call for availability
Juniper, Parsoni
Ligustrum, Jack Frost
Ligustrum, Curly
Ligustrum, Japonica
Ligustrum, Howard
Loropetalum, Ruby
Magnolina, Graniflora
Magnolina, Little Gem
Magnolina, Japanese
Magnolina, Star – call for availability
Mandevilla – seasonal
Maple, Japanese – assorted
Maple, Red
Maple, Silver
Maple, Sugar
Mums – seasonal
Nandina, Firepower
Nandina, Harbor Dwarf
Nandina, Compacta
Oak, Live
Oak, Pin
Oak, Sawtooth
Oak, Water
Oak, Willow
Oleander (assorted) – call for availability


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Palm, Chinese Fan
Palm, Cocas
Palm, King Sago
Palm, Windmill
Palm, Palmetto
Palm, Palmetto Sabal Minor (Dwarf Palmetto)
Peach Tree
Perennials (assorted)
Pineapple Guava – call for availability
Pittosporum, Dwarf
Pittosporum, Compact
Pittosporum, Variegated
Plumbago – seasonal
Podocarpus, Japanese Yew
Poplar, Tulip – call for availability
Portulaca – seasonal
Privet, Variegated
Plum, Purple Leaf
Pyricantha  – call for availability
Rose, Knockout
Rose, Knockout Drift
Rose, Climbing – call for availability
Rose, hybrids (assorted) – call for availability
Tea Olive, Fortunei  – call for availability
Tea Olive, Fragrant
Viburnum, Odoratissimum  – call for availability
Viburnum, Suspensum
Viburnum, Sweet
Vinca, Major
Wax Myrtle
Weeping Willow



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